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Pardon me, sir.

Yesterday there were five homes filled with joy and delight in learning their loved ones were given a presidential pardon by our Dominican President.  I’m sure I would be hopping with delight in finding such a thing out.  Good for them. Unfortunately, in pardoning these five criminals (they were all convicted in a court of law), I feel our president has let down those who have hoped for a little justice and retribution.


These persons were tried in different cases.  One was convicted for bank fraud (which sent our country into a deep crisis) and the rest for fraud regarding purchase and financing of vehicles for public transportation (which in the end is managed privately by unions).  Of the few cases which were in the public eye, these ended in convictions for the people involved, and many felt (including myself) that a little justice was done.


Woe is me.  They have been all pardoned for good behavior shown during their current sentence.  The irony is they were all convicted this year.  Most of them have been under house arrest; one has been 4 months interned in hospital for illness.  If the President feels they had exemplary behavior, well, I have no choice but to accept it.


My naïve political experience tells me this was just a measure to ensure fewer backlashes from opposing parties (both political and private) regarding policy implemented.  It also goes to show that: 1) it’s not what you know, but who you know, 2) real criminals don’t go to jail in this country, instead they get away with it (crime does pay, if its BIG), 3) some moral compasses have gone terribly awry lately. My trust in fair government is dropping more each day. But then again, who said life is fair?



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